Shortcode Options

H-Code has 53 built-in shortcodes within theme. It includes shortcodes for Row, Column, Text Block, Tabs, Image Slider, Content Slider, Counter & Skills, Alert Message, Font Icons, Font Icons List, Parallax, Portfolio, Video & Sound, Section Heading, Features Box, Blockquote, Features Box Slider, Blog List, Accordion, Progress Bar, Button, Special Product Block, New Arrival Products, Featured Products, Image/Video Content Block, Product Brand Slider/Grid, Team Member, Team Member Slider, Special Content Block, Simple Image, Tab Content Block, Image Gallery, Popup, Blank Space, Divider, Testimonials Slider, Career Content Block, Forms, Image Carousel, Popular Dishes Block, Education Slider, Restaurant Menu Slider, Spa Packages Slider, Popular Dishes Slider, Architecture Featured Projects Slider, Travel Agency Special Offer Slider, Coming Soon Block, Countdown Timer, Blog Post Slider, Separator, Photography Content Block, Photography Services, Newsletter Block.


How to add shortcodes using WPBakery Page Builder?

You should have enabled WPBakery Page Builder editor plugin before you start adding shortcodes. Click on “+” button as shown in below image to add new element, it will show the popup.


You can add H-Cord shortcodes and other add-ons elements.