Place an amazing Accordion (7 different Accordion Styles) in post/page/portfolio post.

Please follow below steps to use “Accordion” shortcode.

  • Step 1: Login to WordPress Admin section.
  • Step 2: Add/Edit any page/post/portfolio post.
  • Step 3: Click on “+” button (Add New Element), it will show the popup with all shortcodes.
  • Step 4: Click on H-Code tab, it will show all shortcodes of H-Code theme. Now click on “Accordion” shortcode.
  • Step 5: Follow below inputs/settings to set “Accordion” and go to next step to add accordion slide.

Accordion Settings

Accordion Pre-define style – Select Accordion style from 7 pre-defined styles. Each style has preview image, it will help you to select best style you like.

Id – It is accordion auto generated id, you can change it if you wish.

Step 6: Click on “+” button as show in below image to add accordion slide.

Step 7: Click on “Add Accordion Slides” as showing in below image.

Step 8: Follow below inputs/settings and see “Accordion” preview in frontend.

General (tab)

Active Slide – Select “Yes” to make this slide as active.

Title Icon – Select Icon from pre-defined list of icons.

Title – Add title text

Description – Add content or text description

Image – Select/Upload image.

Button config – Add button text and URL.

Content – Add content or text description

Button config – Set button text and URL

Color Style (tab)

Icon Color – Choose Icon Color

Title Color – Choose Title Color